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Emerging from the pandemic with intention

As more Americans are vaccinated and guidance emerges for what vaccinated individuals can resume or begin to do, many people I know and work with have expressed hesitancy and uncertainty about what they can, want, or feel comfortable doing.  The CDC’s latest guidance has generated a lot of excitement, and some ambiguity.  It does seem to be the time when […]

The joy of doing something “normal”

Last week, I drove to an office, taught virtually, collaborated with colleagues while socially distanced and wearing masks, and then drove home at the end of the day. I was exhausted by the intensity of the training but exhilarated by how fun and energizing it was to do something that felt “normal,” something familiar that […]

While we’re in the neutral zone…

My last newsletter discussed the possibility that during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that many of us are going through the neutral zone phase of transition at the same time that we are gradually creating new beginnings.  Whether you are more in the neutral zone or entering your new beginning, or both, I encourage you to remember […]

Is this the new normal or are we still in the neutral zone?

Yes, and yes!  For many of us, both are occurring at the same time. While day-to-day life still feels uncertain and uncomfortable, we are starting to create patterns and habits that are becoming our new normal and forming the basis for our new beginning.  At the same time, it remains unclear how our lives will […]