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Founded by Martina “Marti” Schulte, MD, in 2015, Community Physician Consulting provides professional and personal coaching and consulting services to individuals and groups as well as workshops, courses and webinars on building confidence.

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Meet Martina "Marti" Schulte

Marti is founder and owner of Community Physician Consulting (CPC) LLC, a company she started while practicing primary care internal medicine. In the practice of medicine, she saw the impact of burnout on herself and her colleagues, patients, and healthcare organizations. To help others, she became a certified coach, earning an executive coaching certification through the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She subsequently completed the requirements and examination to become a board-certified coach. Marti coaches individuals to grow personally and professionally, and she assists organizations to optimize workplace cultures and enhance their effectiveness and performance.

Thirty years of firsthand experience with the joys and challenges of practicing primary care have shaped Marti’s commitment to fellow healthcare professionals and organizations. During the early years of CPC, she focused her practice on the healthcare field, but over time she started coaching people in other sectors, including law, education, finance and more. She now coaches people from all walks of life and works with organizations across a range of sectors, helping them to optimize engagement and joy in their work through leadership development and workplace culture enhancements.

Marti draws on her years of clinical expertise, her experience in quality improvement and effective quality programs, and her teaching skills to assist teams and organizations. Her years of clinical care experience included working with federally-qualified health centers in Denver and the Midwest, and she spent the majority of work as a physician at Denver Health Medical Center and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Marti’s experience in quality improvement started when she led the first Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) diabetes care initiative at Denver Health. Since that time, she has led other initiatives for care improvement, including a thorough reassessment and development of a new policy for managing chronic pain at Stout Street Clinic for the Homeless. She was the lead physician and medical director of the HIV Primary Care Clinic at Denver Health, supervising care and quality issues and ensuring grant compliance. International healthcare delivery is also one of Marti’s passions. After years of providing care to persons with HIV in Denver, she currently serves as an HIV physician educator in Africa through Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and the Clinton Foundation HIV Global Initiative. She has also traveled internationally as a site assessor with Project CURE, most recently doing assessments in Sri Lanka, Senegal, and Papua, New Guinea. Her volunteer work, outside of medicine, has helped her hone many of her group and individual skills, having led many school-based volunteer efforts. She has been a community organizer, developing skills in managing groups and to gain effective participant buy-in.


In addition to her coaching training and certification, Marti studied internal medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and received her medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Marti grew up in northern Kentucky and did her undergraduate studies at St. Louis University. She is the proud mother of three adult daughters, and happily shares life with her partner of over 30 years.

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