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The many and varied stresses in the workplace can become barriers for productive, creative, and collaborative work. Community Physician Consulting (CPC) has a special focus on what makes a workplace healthy and high-functioning and how to implement effective changes to create them through coaching and professional development programs. CPC has extensive experience both understanding the challenges and working with individuals and groups to improve employee empowerment, organization-wide communication, and individual and organizational relationships.


CPC Special Focus: The Healthcare Sector


With years of experience and expertise in the healthcare field, both as a physician and consultant, CPC understands the unique challenges faced by this sector. The complexity of a healthcare work environment is a given, but the increasing demands and life-and-death stresses within it can lead to employee dissatisfaction, turnover, and resultant patient dissatisfaction. The coronavirus pandemic has put extraordinary strain on a healthcare system that was already experiencing high rates of burnout among providers, nursing staff, and other health professionals. While organizations know that employee satisfaction and commitment are essential to success, creating the culture to best nurture these goals is challenging.

While the patient’s health is always a top priority, making the caregiver’s health and satisfaction a top priority, too, creates better outcomes for all.

Numerous healthcare workplace studies demonstrate that improved employee satisfaction yields better patient satisfaction and care. Increased satisfaction leads to less stress, less turnover, fewer leaves of absences, and less work-related disabilities and violence claims.

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