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Workplace culture is well established as the most important determinant of engagement and performance. While many elements contribute to culture, leadership is a crucial factor. In healthcare, the need for workplaces that support and nurture professionals has become even more apparent since the start of the pandemic. Group and one-on-one leadership training and coaching, like those provided by CPC, are a proven way to enhance workplace culture. A stronger workplace culture shows the professionals who work there they are valued, while decreasing turnover, reducing errors, and enhancing patient care. 


Team and Organizational Culture Growth

With guidance from CPC, you and your team have the opportunity to recognize your culture and learn practical and doable interventions to enhance it. CPC will provide strategies to help you make your workplace healthy, effective, and well-performing – a place where qualified and gifted professionals want to work.

Leadership Development

Given the essential role of leadership in creating and maintaining a healthy workforce culture, CPC offers expertise in growing healthcare leadership. We customize a range of practices to identify and support leaders’ growth, including facilitated leadership group trainings, development of professional learning communities to enhance professional education and ongoing growth, and one-on-one leadership coaching.

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