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Athletes, singers, and executives employ coaches to enhance their skills and effectiveness. Increasingly, physicians and other professionals are doing the same. Even the most talented individual can feel stuck at times, wondering about next steps, personal and professional growth, or potential new directions. Coaching is an effective and affirming way for individuals to identify barriers, set new goals, and develop strategies to improve performance and optimize joy. 


Individual Coaching

For Professional and Personal Growth

For motivated individuals, one-to-one coaching helps you expand your possibilities, clarify your goals, put workable steps in place, and, most importantly, prompt you to take the first steps towards reaching your goals.


At Community Physician Consulting, we specialize in workplace burnout, managing life transitions, and confidence coaching. Our clients commonly come to us when they are: 

  • Changing jobs or careers

  • Grappling with a challenging work situation

  • Seeking a promotion

  • Completing an educational milestone

  • Seeking clarity around career goals and values

  • Building confidence in themselves and their daily professional interactions

  • Seeking greater professional joy and sustainability

  • Building leadership and communication skills

  • Expanding their self-awareness

  • Deciding on retirement directions

Listen and learn more about individual coaching with Marti

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Group Coaching

Group coaching occurs in the setting of a supportive environment with others to explore and discern direction and goals or to build personal capacity in an understanding and mutually beneficial setting. The common human experience of thinking “I am the only one who feels this way or experiences this” is frequent but counterproductive. CPC’s group coaching setting provides a safe and fun space to learn and normalize one’s own experience in order to move forward.

Examples of past group coaching engagements include: ​​

  • Colleagues seeking a safe space to grow together choose to engage in a private group coaching session. 

  • Leaders provide group coaching experiences for members of their departments to build community and support individuals' professional development.

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