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Gaining personal and professional satisfaction and engagement grows out of a clear vision of purpose and values. Community Physician Consulting (CPC) helps individuals, groups, and organizations examine the complexities of life and the workplace, define values and goals, identify a process for moving forward, and provide guidance through it all and beyond. We know from experience what it takes to create success in one’s personal and professional life, and how to grow and nurture healthy workplace cultures. We can help you.



"Marti is deeply skilled in her abilities to help focus the complex work around professional and personal transitions... She was so capable and helpful as a coach. She helped me define my next true north and then helped me stay on course during my professional transitions and transformations. Marti supported me to be confident and courageous as I spoke to my strengths and sought opportunities to grow."

~ Malia (ANP-C, RN, MSN)

Vice President / Chief Nursing Officer Ambulatory Services



Learn how we can help you develop as a professional and navigate workplace challenges.


Learn how we can enrich your organization's approach to leadership development and employee well-being 


Learn how to make your workplace healthy and high-functioning through coaching and professional development programs.

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