Community Physician Consulting, a Denver-based healthcare consulting and coaching company, partners with professionals and their organizations.  We specialize in creating healthy work environments, enhancing physician and staff satisfaction and engagement, and, ultimately, improving patient experience and care. We help you…

  • Face the challenges of the evolving American healthcare system
  • Continue to grow your skills and your satisfaction
  • Rejuvenate your passion for your calling
  • Manage the numerous time challenges and the struggles to prioritize
  • Enhance the satisfaction of your staff
  • Make your meetings and processes more productive

With 25 years of experience in front line patient care and healthcare delivery systems, Community Physician Consulting understands the challenges facing this unique work environment.  We have firsthand appreciation of what it takes to develop individual professional satisfaction and workplace culture improvement.

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“Create a climate that promotes the health and wellness of you and your colleagues.  Then, enjoy the success your new culture returns in the important measurable parameters of patient care and healthcare outcomes.”