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Emerging from the pandemic with intention

As more Americans are vaccinated and guidance emerges for what vaccinated individuals can resume or begin to do, many people I know and work with have expressed hesitancy and uncertainty about what they can, want, or feel comfortable doing. The CDC's latest guidance has generated a lot of excitement, and some ambiguity. It does seem to be the time when those of us who are vaccinated can venture out with more confidence and possibilities. Yet, we each have our own comfort level with what feels okay and what does not. That is normal, and I encourage you to listen to your inner voice and progress when and how you feel ready.

Some of the hesitancy I have heard from people is around comfort and safety, but some is related to a personal questioning or re-examination. Do I want to resume everything I used to do? Do I want my new normal to look like the old normal, pre-covid? How do I decide what to resume or with whom to reconnect?

While each of us will have our own journey sorting through these questions, I recently tried a version of the Start, Stop, Continue Retrospective over the dinner table with my daughter and husband, specifically connected to emerging from the pandemic.

Start, Stop, Continue is a process often used by teams to do work-related assessments and it is used by leaders and managers for feedback conversations with employees. It is also easily applicable to individual efforts and self-reflection.

On the evening I tried it with members of my family (the hazard of having dinner with a coach!), I prefaced it with: As you emerge from the pandemic and start to intentionally resume or start activities and relationships, what do you want to start going forward, what do you want to stop, and what do you want to continue from your pandemic life?

We had a good time, and there was genuine thoughtfulness as each of us wrestled with identifying what we have learned during the last 15 months that we want to continue as we re-emerge from the pandemic. We also named some stops and starts and had a great conversation. It was fun, too.

Let me know if you try Start, Stop, Continue and how it goes for you.

I hope you are staying safe and healthy and as you begin to emerge from the pandemic with thoughtful intention.

Sending my best regards,


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