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While we’re in the neutral zone…

My last newsletter discussed the possibility that during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that many of us are going through the neutral zone phase of transition at the same time that we are gradually creating new beginnings.  Whether you are more in the neutral zone or entering your new beginning, or both, I encourage you to remember to take care of yourself.

One way I take care of myself is allowing myself time to read.  I just finished talking with my sister, and we discussed book suggestions for each other.  I hope this time of the pandemic has given you some time to read, be it by audiobook, Kindle, or physical book.  This has been a time for me to escape into books, and at the moment I have five going at once.  One is a murder mystery, my favorite fun escape genre.  Others are books I’m listening to learn from for my work, often doing it while I exercise or pull weeds.

In my coaching work, I often recommend books, and I am fortunate that the people with whom I work often recommend their favorites to me. In case you are looking for something new to jump into, here are some books I recommend.  The first two are pure fun and the latter are pure growth!

Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid — My daughter recommended it to me. I read it in a day on vacation.  The first novel by this author explores race and relationships and is thoroughly engaging and fun.

The Order, by Daniel Silva — The latest of his thriller and espionage books has less violence than usual but still with his usual outlandish plot, and, as always, is a fantastic page-turner.

Crucial Conversations, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler — I’ve read this book twice before and am listening to it again.  It is that good and that important.  This book is one of the three I consider most useful for those I work with, and for myself.  It is all about how to have difficult conversations more effectively, with tools presented for immediate use.

Transitions: making sense of life’s changes, by William Bridges — I do refer to this book often in my newsletters (along with his other book, Managing Transitions), so forgive my redundancy, but during this time of the unknown and uncertainty, the content is even more germane.  It is a short, easy-to-read book that makes sense of the many transitions of work and life.

And, I mentioned I devour murder mysteries series.  If you are a fan, too, check out the series by Donna Leon or Louise Penny.  These are two terrific female authors who create many lovable characters.

I hope you are finding some time for reading, be it for fun and relaxation, education, or both.  I would love to hear what you find engaging!

Stay safe and take good care of yourself. Best regards, Marti

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